Women in Law Conference 2024 Press Release

The ‘Women in Law’ Conference 2024 organised by the Cyprus Bar Association (CBA) was held on the 24th of April 2024 at Radisson Blu with great success.

UCLan Cyprus supported the ‘Women in Law’ Conference for the second year in a row, which is now established as a benchmark event, models itself on similar international forums. It seeks to emphasise on the barriers to equal opportunities and foster a constructive dialogue, from which well-considered recommendations will be formulated for the benefit of state and private institutions and agencies.

Esteemed speakers from both domestic and international locales engaged in a series of presentations on themes pertinent to the empowerment of women, the enhancement of skills, and the reinforcement of their roles in leadership and decision-making capacities. Additionally, the discussions addressed the unique challenges faced by women in the modern job market, with a particular focus on the legal profession. The conference greatly facilitated networking opportunities between legal professionals and their counterparts in various other sectors.

Dr Katerina Kalaitzaki, Lecturer in EU Public Law at UCLan Cyprus and Senior Researcher at CRoLEV participated in the 5th Session of the Conference on ‘Wages and Transparency’ alongside the Commissioner for Gender Equality, Ms. Josie Christodoulou and Mr Christakis Mouskos, Representative of Larnaca in the CBA Council. The session was moderated by Mr Nicos Panayiotou, President of the CBA Labour Law Committee.

The Session started with Ms. Josie Christodoulou who presented the Commissioner for Gender Equality as an institution and stressed the office’s importance in promoting policies to fill the current gender pay gap. Dr Katerina Kalaitzaki then continued with a presentation on the EU legal framework and recent developments in the area of Wages and Transparency. Emphasis was made on the effectiveness of Directive 2006/54 on the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation as well as on the newly adopted Directive 2023/970 to strengthen the application of the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value between men and women through pay transparency and enforcement mechanisms. The session closed with Mr Mouskos’ contribution on the ‘Best practices for gender pay equity in the workplace’ including within the legal field.  During the discussion afterwards, references were made to the research conducted by CRoLEV on The Gender Pay Gap in the Legal Profession in Cyprus.

Click here to watch the full recording of the Women in Law Conference 2024 on Youtube.

View the full programme of the Women in Law Conference here.

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